The Academic Alert System: a helpful tool for all Missouri S&T students.

The Missouri University of Science and Technology is committed to the success of its students by providing an environment conducive to teaching and leaning. Missouri S&T cares about your academic success, therefore, we have developed the Academic Alert System, an on-line system designed to promptly notify students who are not meeting academic course requirements.  If you receive an Academic Alert, don't panic- Academic Alert is a mechanism to assist you to be academically successful.

How Does it Work?

  1. Missouri S&T instructors initiate academic alerts for students who are not meeting the academic course requirements.
  2. Students receive an e-mail indicating they have received an academic alert.  Students must respond promptly to the alert by opening the alert, reading the information and contacting their instructor or advisor about the recommended actions.  Students must take actions, as recommended by the instructor and communicate the results.
  3. Once the student has taken action and communicated the results, the instructor or advisor will update the status of the alert and close the alert within the system.

To access the academic alert system, visit: . If you have questions, please contact the Office of Academic Support at 341-7276 or e-mail