Experiential Learning (EL)

Experiential Learning at Missouri S&T refers to learning stimulated by a variety of structured activities that differ significantly from the traditional lecture format.  Experiential learning activities are designed to require students to go beyond mastering basic skills and knowledge in the application of that material to problem solving challenges.  These activities involve collaboration and reflective learning and allow students to learn in environments that align with their aptitudes.

Experiential Learning is an essential aspect of Missouri S&T's unique learning environment.  Our Strategic Plan defines that 100% of our undergraduate students must graduate with a significant experiential learning experience.  Our goal is to be fully implemented by 2020.

  • Types of Experiential Learning
  • Forms - Dates - Procedures
  • Programs & Awards
  • On & Off Campus Opportunities
  • EL Committee
  • Testimonial

Types of Experiential Learning

ResearchCo-OpInternship, Leadership, Mentor/Coach/Tutor, 
Service LearningStudent Design TeamStudy Abroad, & Other

Forms - Dates - Procedures

Programs & Awards

On & Off Campus Opportunities

On Campus
Study Abroad

Off Campus

EL Committee


Darian Potts is a Missouri S&T alumni who has a wide range of experiential learning experiences. Hear what she has to say about those experiences and there outcomes.  


Departmental Coordinators & Requirements

Architectural Engineering 
Jody Seely

English & Technical Communication 
Daniel Reardon

Arts, Languages & Philosophy 
Courtney Mischke

Environmental Engineering 
Jody Seely

Biological Sciences 
Katie Shannon

Geological Engineering 
Patty Robertson

Business & Information Technology 
Cassie Elrod

Geology & Geophysics 
Patty Robertson

Ceramic Engineering 
Scott Miller

History & Political Science 
Michael Bruening

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering 
Chandra Chastain

Mathematics & Statistics 
Paul Runnion

Magdalena Zawodniok

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 
Amollie Stoermer & Erica Long

Civil Engineering 
Jody Seely

Metallurgical Engineering 
Scott Miller

Computer Science 
Angelica Nuno

Mining Engineering 
Stephen Casey

Marcy Scott & Eun Soo Park

Nuclear Engineering & Radiation Science 
Dawn Davis

Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Robert Woodley

Petroleum Engineering 
Patty Robertson

Engineering Management & Systems Engineering 
Steve Raper & Joan Schuman

Pam Crabtree

Psychological Science 
Daniel Shank