Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol

Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol is a UM System-wide event in Jefferson City that demonstrates the unique opportunities students have to participate with faculty in undergraduate research at the University of Missouri.

Selection of Undergraduate ambassadors is based on geographical distribution, the relevance of the project to the state of Missouri and the overall quality of the project. Invitations are made by the Office of Academic Support during the fall semester.

Students are invited to assemble in the capitol building rotunda in Jefferson City to display research posters and to speak with legislators about their research and how it is significant in addressing the needs of society. The University of Missouri System is seeking nominations from faculty members for undergraduates to serve as Ambassadors to share their university research experiences with state lawmakers in Jefferson City for Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol during spring semester 2019.

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Nominations are CLOSED - Virtual Event is April 12-16, 2021


2020 Missouri Student Ambassadors

Morgan Banker (Columbia) - Biological Sciences - Identification of histaminergic neurons in Drosophila

Zachary Foulks (Imperial) - Chemistry and Biological Sciences - Investigating Pteridines as Biomarkers of Progressive Breast Cancer

Lilly Germeroth (Rolla) - Biological Sciences - Assessing the Efficacy of a Zoned Biosphere Reserve in the Crocker Range, Malaysian Borneo

Nathan Limbaugh (St. Charles) - Geology - Olivine and phlogopite in an alnoite diatreme: insights into the magmatic evolution of the Avon Alkaline Igneous Province, Missouri

Kyle McMillen (Eureka) - Physics - Characterization of Supersonic Gas-jet Targets for Laser Wakefield Accelerators (LWFA)

Samantha Miller (Steelville) - Psychology - Care Kits for Middle School Students

Jessica Newburry (Desloge) - Biological Sciences - Mussel habitat survey and assessment for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Madison Oostendorp (St. Charles) - Engineering Management - SolSmart Program Evaluation

Morgan Schenck (St. Genevieve) - Mining Engineering - Biochemical Reactors for Impacted Mine Water

Ashley Schmid (O'Fallon) - Mechanical Engineering - Honeywell Task II: Material Property Characterization Methods

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