Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol

April 11, 2022

Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol is a UM System-wide event in Jefferson City that demonstrates the unique opportunities students have to participate with faculty in undergraduate research at the University of Missouri.

Selection of Undergraduate ambassadors is based on geographical distribution, the relevance of the project to the state of Missouri and the overall quality of the project. Invitations are made by the Office of Academic Support during the fall semester.

Students are invited to assemble in the capitol building rotunda in Jefferson City to display research posters and to speak with legislators about their research and how it is significant in addressing the needs of society. The University of Missouri System is seeking nominations from faculty members for undergraduates to serve as Ambassadors to share their university research experiences with state lawmakers in Jefferson City for Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol during spring semester 2022.

  • Nomination Form – OPEN
  • What is asked on the FORM?
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Nomination Form – OPEN

Research Day at the Capitol will be April 11, 2022

2022 Nominations are OPEN - Click Here for the Online Nomination Form (nomination form must be filled out & submitted by research advisor)

Nominations Close January 27, 2022

What is asked on the FORM?

Part 1: Faculty Mentor/Nominator

  • Name
  • Department
  • S&T Email Address
  • Campus Address

Part 2: Student/Nominee Information

  • Name
  • Student ID #
  • Major
  • Year in School
  • Rolla Address
  • S&T Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Parents' Names and Full Address (MUST be permanent residence in Missouri)

Part 3: Project Information

  • Research Project Title
  • Funding Source
  • Briefly explain, in simple terms, why this project is important and/or relevant to the state of Missouri
  • Short Abstract of project
  • 3rd Person BIO (2-3 sentences)

Research Support

The Writing Center is a tremendous source for feedback and assistance for your research presentations. The Writing Center can help you with your speech and poster at any stage of your process: brainstorming to polishing and more. Please visit their website for more information: https://writingcenter.mst.edu/  You can also email them at writing@mst.edu.

The OURE program encourages students to seek research support at the Curtis Laws Wilson Library (https://library.mst.edu/). Research librarians are available to help applicants conduct research in any subject area. Please schedule an appointment at https://library.mst.edu/forms/researchassistancerequestform/.

Previous Events

2021 Abstract Book
2020 Cancelled due to COVID
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2017 Abstract Book
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2015 Abstract Book
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2021 Missouri S&T Student Ambassadors

2021 Abstract Booklet          2021 Student Ambassadors Videos          2021 News Release 

Nelson Colon (Manati, Puerto Rico - residing in Waynesville, MO) - History - The Shaping of the Mind: Symbols of Have and the Resistance they Created

Zachary Foulks (Imperial, MO) - Chemistry/Biology - Quantitation of Pteridines in Isogenic Breast Cancer Model

James Kirtley (Wildwood, MO) - Chemical Engineering - Recovery of Degraded Ni-Rich NMC811 Cathode Particles for Lithium Ion Batteries

Kari Knobbe (Wildwood, MO) - Chemistry/Biochemistry Emphasis - Your Brain in Lockdown: The Stress-Cortisol Connection and How to Remedy with Mindful Nutrition

McKenzie Marley-Hines (Kansis City, MO) - Chemical Engineering - Designing Smart Materials for Sustainable Energy Converson and Storage

Sara McCauley (Wildwood, MO) - Chemistry - Improving Access to Chemistry Education: Using Colorimetry to Teach Titration in a High School Chemistry Lab

Ethan Prior (Mexico, MO) - History - From Bricks to Canvas: An Analysis of Berlin Wall Graffiti

Visit the virtual event at the following link, https://www.umsystem.edu/ums/red/undergraduate_research_day

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