Global Studies Minor

This multi-disciplinary undergraduate minor program in global studies is intended to help address a national priority identified by the National Science Foundation:

“For the United States to remain at the forefront of world science and technology, it needs an educated science and engineering workforce capable of operating in the international research environment and a global market.”


Students who complete this minor will have an increased awareness of the society, culture, technical issues, and/or language of at least one country other than the United States prior to the completion of their Missouri S&T undergraduate experience.  This awareness will aid in the preparation of Missouri S&T students to be successful in an increasingly global workforce.  Any Missouri S&T student enrolled in an undergraduate degree program is eligible for the Global Studies minor program, which consists of 12 credit hours from the approved list of classes and at least 2 weeks of experience in a foreign country acquired during a Missouri S&T class or research project, an approved Missouri S&T extracurricular activity, and/or an approved Missouri S&T study abroad activity.

The Global Studies Minor requires 12 hours of coursework and an international experience. Specific details on these requirements are provided below.


Women as Global Leaders students visited elementary students at
San Juan Ermita, Guatemala.


The Global Studies Minor requires at least one three hour course “focusing” on the society, culture, and/or language of a foreign country.  Representative courses include those that meet this criterion from the Arts, Languages, Humanities, or Social Sciences.  The other nine hours within the minor may come from any course that includes at least 25 percent international studies content as determined by the Advisory Committee.  The Advisory Committee develops and maintains the list of approved courses that satisfy the “focus” or “international studies content” requirements.  “International studies content” is defined as course content addressing countries or regions outside of the United States.  “International studies content” does not include content that is universal but rather that which addresses specific countries or regions outside of the United States.  To satisfy the multi-disciplinary aspect of the minor, no more than six hours may be taken from a single Missouri S&T degree program.

 Course list 2018

Program of Study Form (2013)

Fill out the Program of Study Form (2013) above --- and also please complete the campus "Program of Study" form available at the Registrar's Office.

International Experience

The minor requires personal experience in a foreign country.  Students will participate in one or more Missouri S&T-sponsored trips to a foreign country for no less than 14 days total.  The trips may be a part of Missouri S&T classes and/or an OURE project-related trip, an extracurricular activity including Missouri S&T’s Engineers Without Borders field trips, and/or Missouri S&T sanctioned study abroad.  The Advisory Committee develops and maintains a written policy for reviewing and approving Missouri S&T-sponsored activities proposed to satisfy the International Experience requirement.

Researchers evaluate the potential use of renewable energy to pump groundwater at Sacala las Lomas, Guatemala.

How do you sign up for the Global Studies Minor?

1.    Review the list of courses and complete the “Program of Study Form” using the links above.

2.    Make an appointment with one of the following Global Studies Minor Advisors to discuss your proposed program of study:


Arts & Humanities
Andrew Behrendt                   2021
Justin Pope                        2020
William (Bill) Gillis               2021
Benjamin Kwasa               2021
Christi Luks               2020
Lesley Sneed                  2020
Terry Wilson               2021
Clayton Price               2020
Social Sciences
Bonnie Bachman               2021
LiLi Eng               2020
AT Large
Joan Schuman               2021


3.    Follow your advisor’s instruction for submitting the final program of study form.