Honors Academy Coursework Requirements

New Student Honors Seminar

To participate in Honors Academy, students must attend New Student Honors Seminar, a no-cost, no-credit course, during their first year at Missouri S&T.  This seminar provides students an opportunity to meet the distinguished teaching professors, introduce them to research opportunities at Missouri S&T, attend an etiquette dinner and see presentations by invited speakers.  In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in social activities such as a formal gala banquet with faculty members and other Honors Academy scholars.

Once you have accepted our offer, the Office of Academic Support will enroll the student in the no cost, no credit Honors Seminar.  (Transfer students may join New Student Honors Seminar during either the Fall or Spring semester.)

Honors Contract Courses 

Following their first year, Honors Academy students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 to continue their participation in the program and enroll in and complete 12 credit hours of Honors contract coursework.  The Honors course designation is based on extra work (a minimum of 20 hours) conducted in regular Missouri S&T courses wherein the instructor agrees to approve and oversee the effort.  At least one course of the required 12 credit hours must be outside of the student's major field of study and no more than 3 credit hours may be individual study courses. (undergraduate research or special problems)

Honors Academy Contracted Course Form
Honors Contract Course Project Examples


Honors Senior Thesis/Project

In addition to the 12 credit hours of Honors coursework, Honors students in their senior year must complete an additional 3 hours of Senior Thesis/Project.

Senior Thesis Project Description Form
Senior Thesis Guidelines