Academic Integrity

What is academic dishonesty?  How often does it occur on the Missouri S&T campus? Whose responsibility is it to maintain the institution's integrity?

The following links provide answers. For more information, contact the office of Vice Provost for Academic Support at (573) 341-7276:
Resources for FACULTY on academic integrity
Resources for STUDENTS on academic integrity

Steps for reporting Academic Dishonesty:
Contact the Office of Academic Support by email (  Please include the student name, student I.D., incident date, instructor, class, and all documented communications between faculty and student.  Please send hard copy evidence to 105 Norwood Hall.  When all the hard copies have been received an appointment will be schedule between the student and the VPAS. 

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How Cheating Affects Learning and Grades
A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study tracked how serial plagiarists did on their final exams after they regularly copied online homework and e-tutoring programs. The study showed that students who copied answers on problems that required the use of algebra scored two letter grades worse than non-copiers on similar problems on the final. Those who copied 30 percent of homework problems were three times more likely than the other students to fail.
David J. Palazzo, Young-Jin Lee, Rasil Warnakulasooriya, and David E. Pritchard, Erratum: Patterns, correlates, and reduction of homework copying [Phys. Rev. ST Phys. Educ. Res. 6 , 010104 (2010)]