Service Learning

S&T Service Learning Program

Missouri S&T is committed to continuing its progress in engaging an ever larger percentage of its students in experiential learning activities.  Missouri S&T will “engage at least 90% of the undergraduate student body in one or more learning experiences beyond those in the traditional classroom setting during their academic career by 2011.” [Strategic Plan FY2007-FY2011]   Missouri S&T plans to benchmark the current level of student participation, expand current experiential learning offerings and develop new opportunities for engagement.


The Missouri University of Science and Technology is implementing a campus-wide service learning program. The mission of the program is to make reflective service learning an integral part of the education and life experiences of Missouri S&T students.

By developing a campus-wide service learning program, Missouri S&T will expand service learning opportunities to a broader range of Missouri S&T students and enhance Missouri S&T’s mission to be the premier source of leaders for today’s society.

The Benefits:

  • The service learning program will have a significant benefit for both Missouri S&T students and the community.
  • In addition to enhancing student learning, the service learning program will help the university build community partnerships and will provide our community partners with beneficial outcomes.
  • The program will encourage life-long civic participation, improve students’ skills in the work place and enhance personal and professional development.

What is Service Learning?

  • Service Learning is a term used here to describe a type of experiential learning where students engage in service to the community. 
  • Academic Service Learning is used here to describe a type of experiential learning where students in a course engage in service to the community; and the service activity enhances and relates to the course content. Academic service learning courses include reflective exercises through which students have the opportunity to describe what they learned from the service experience.