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March 2005 Issue:

UMR students set to impress legislators

Service Learning: The Voyager Student Tutoring Program , by Adam Chadek

CERTI provides customized reports for Faculty Activity System

Resources for teaching and learning available at the UMR Library


  UMR students set to impress legislators

ROLLA, Mo. – A group of selected University of Missouri-Rolla students will participate in Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol, an annual event, on April 5 in Jefferson City, Mo.

The purpose of the event is to demonstrate to state lawmakers the unique opportunities undergraduate students within the University of Missouri System have to participate in research with faculty.

Students from all four UM campuses, including UMR, will display research posters in the Capitol rotunda. Additionally, the participating students will have opportunities to let legislators know how their research addresses the needs of society. Topics UMR students are researching for the event range from domestic nuclear security to wildfire detection using wireless sensors.

“The demonstrations show legislators the importance of experiential learning,¿? says Amy Gillman, assistant to the vice provost for undergraduate and graduate studies at UMR. “It shows that students are contributing to the welfare of the state of Missouri.¿?

In addition to demonstrating the benefits of hands-on learning, Undergraduate Research Day organizers hope the event will provide leadership development, improve collaborative problem solving and promote professional development.

The following UMR students are participating in Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol:

– Reanea Hunter, a junior in nuclear engineering from Rolla.
– Steve Ziegler, a senior in computer science from Florissant, Mo.
– Tricia Mattson, a junior in nuclear engineering from Dixon, Mo.
– Trevor Acorn, a senior in architectural engineering from Rolla.
– Bret Brown, a senior in computer science from Camdenton, Mo.
– John Keeven, a senior in civil engineering from Florissant.
– Gina Mongillo, a senior in psychology from West Plains, Mo.
– Jennifer Rene Raum, a senior in psychology from Rolla.
– Sagrie Venayagamoorthy, a senior in psychology from Rolla.
– Christopher Speer, a sophomore in nuclear engineering from Joplin, Mo.
– Kyle Anderson, a senior in chemistry from California, Mo.
– Kylee Hyzer, a sophomore in chemistry from Joliet, Ill.
– Todd Ancinelli, a senior in computer engineering from St. Louis.
– Randall Bilbrey, a junior in computer engineering from Papillion, Neb.
– Michael Ellebrecht, a senior in computer engineering from Chesterfield, Mo.
– Matthew Gann, a senior in electrical engineering from Kansas City.

More information about Undergraduate Research Day is available at or by calling the UMR Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies at (573) 341-7276.

  Service Learning: The Voyager Student Tutoring Program , by Adam Chadek

The Voyager program at the University of Missouri-Rolla has always excelled in all areas of life, including academics, leadership, and helping their fellow students in need. Now, the freshmen in our program have taken the first steps towards improving the surrounding community. Volunteer tutoring is only the beginning of our efforts to revamp Voyager, bettering ourselves and the rest of the world.

Through the Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Fraternity at UMR, twenty of our freshmen volunteered to help with tutoring at any level in the local public Rolla school system. This involves helping a student for one hour a week at any time convenient for each student. As each individual comes in to volunteer, they are connected with students on a case-to-case basis, depending upon that person’s strengths.

Tutoring is a great experience for personal development due to the direct personal interaction with younger students. It helps give perspective on the troubles of college to regress back to the days of your childhood. Students come into a tutoring session feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, but leave with a great sense of understanding and accomplishment. Seeing this change is incredible, and knowing you were the one to instill this change is simply amazing.

The Voyager program is always searching for ways to improve the quality of our learning community’s experience. Never settling for less than our best, we are striving to push the limits of what was thought possible. Voyager is proud to provide experiences necessary for students to become great leaders on campus and across the world.

Adam Chadek is a sophomore at UMR from Marshfield, Missouri. Adam is working on a double major in Nuclear Engineering and Chemistry, with a minor in Physics. Adam is currently a Voyager Mentor, and was a member of the Voyager Learning Program during the 2003-04 academic year.

  CERTI provides customized reports for Faculty Activity System

CERTI hosts a variety of professional development activities for faculty ranging from interactive workshops to focus groups. If you have participated in any of the CERTI events listed below you are encouraged to enter them into the Faculty Activity System so that you may be credited for your participation.

To receive a customized list of the events in which you have participated, please contact Marcie Thomas in the CERTI office at 341-7648. CERTI will gladly e-mail you a summary of your participation including the event dates and an event abstract.

CERTI Workshops
Teaching Design and Higher Level Thinking
Active Learning
Educational Research in STEM Disciplines
Helping Students Stay On Course
Active Learning and Interactive Classrooms
Making Better Use of Student Group Work
Personal Response System Demonstration

CERTI Focus Groups
On Course User’s Group
Peer Review Panel Discussion

Leadership Luncheon Series
From Teaching to Learning
What Campus Leadership Can Do to Improve Learning
How People Learn
Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology (Stem) Education
In 2010 (Or Sooner)

  Resources for teaching & learning available at the UMR Library

CERTI and the UMR library have recently partnered to bring more high quality resources to faculty and administrators as they work to achieve excellence in the areas of professional development and teaching practice. Faculty interested in exploring pedagogical best-practices will find a nice variety of award-winning resources at their fingertips. Administrators will also find helpful guides as they work to develop dynamic, synergistic programs.

The new resources are comprised of the following:

  • Engaging Large Classes: Strategies and Techniques for Large Classes by Christine A. Stanley and M. Erin Porter (2002) Anker
  • Improving College Teaching by Peter Seldin & Associates (1995) Anker
  • The Learning Paradigm College by John Tagg (2003)
  • Using Student Teams in the Classroom: A faculty guide by Ruth Federman Stein & Sandra Hurd (2000) Anker
  • Learning and Motivation in the Postsecondary Classroom by Marilla D. Svinicki (2004) Anker
  • Developing Faculty to Use Technology: Programs and Strategies to Enhance Teaching by David G Brown (2003) Anker
  • Peer Review of Teaching: A Sourcebook by Nancy Nan Note Chism (1999) Anker
  • Assessing Academic Programs in Higher Education by Mary J Allen (2004) Anker
  • A Guide to Faculty Development: Practical Advice, Examples and Resources by Kay Herr Gillespie (2002) Anker
  • Managing People: A Guide for Department Chairs and Deans by Deryl R. Leaming (2003) Anker

These resources have been placed in the UMR library to ensure easy access to the materials by faculty and administrators.


Chancellor Thomas proclaims April 13th Undergraduate Research Day at UMR

April 13th is Undergraduate Research Day, a celebration of experiential learning at UMR. Chancellor Thomas recently issued a proclamation for this event.

Students across the campus are preparing to present the results of their research projects at the Undergraduate Research Conference which takes place that day at the UMR Havener Center. The conference is co-sponsored by Brewer Science, Inc., Boeing, and the Office of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies. Students will compete for prizes in four research categories: Natural Sciences, Engineering, Humanities Social Sciences and Management & Information Systems.

All entries are due April 1, 2005. For more information, or to download an application, please visit the following web site:, or contact the Office of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies at 341-7600.

Nominate an outstanding academic advisor

On April 27th, UGS will present awards to seven outstanding academic advisors on the campus. Annual awards will be given to one faculty member from each school/college, one staff advisor, one freshman advisor, and one transfer student advisor. All UMR students, faculty and staff are welcome to submit award nominations.

Nomination packets are due by 4:30 PM on March 25, 2005 to Dr. Jerry Bayless, Selection Committee Chair [c/o the Office of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies, 246 Schrenk Hall].

For more information on the awards criteria and the content required for the nomination packets, please visit our web site at: , or contact Amy Gillman, Office of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies, at 341-7600.

2004/05 OURE reports are due April 1

In order to receive final payment, all OURE students must submit their project reports to the Office of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies (UGS) by April 1, 2005. Reports may be mailed to UGS at 207 Parker Hall or e-mailed to .

Each report must be approved by the faculty research advisor before final payment will be authorized. UGS will accept a signature from the research advisor on the final report, or an email from the advisor as official authorization. April 1, 2005 is the deadline for submitting reports and faculty authorization.

April 1st is also the deadline for 2005/06 OURE applications. For more information, or for a copy of the OURE applications, please visit our web site at: If you have any questions, please contact UGS at 341-7276.

OURE Students: We want to hear from you!

If you are a student that participated in OURE this year, please take the 2004/05 OURE Survey at The results of this survey will help us improve the OURE program and enhance the learning experience for all participating students at UMR. Thank you!